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Perhaps one of the most intriguing and perplexing things you will notice during your quest to find the right Dj for your wedding, is the difference in rate quotes you receive from one Dj to the next. However, before you can decide upon how much a particular Dj is worth, you will need to ask a series of questions that leads you to understand what makes any given Dj worth their fee.
Many brides find out all too often and too late that all DJS are NOT created equal, as there are vast differences in what various Djs provide and have to offer.  Before asking questions about price, here are some good interview questions you may want to implement and consider asking, before you begin talking to your prospective Dj about price quotes.
  1. First of all, is the DJ even available for your date?
  2. Can he or she explain to you how they conduct the evening?
  3. What do they wear?
  4. Are they the Emcee? Do they do the announcements?
  5. Are they open to requests?  From you?  From your guests?
  6. How large is their music collection?
  7. What eras and types of music genres do they offer?
  8. How well-versed or knowledgeable is the DJ about these types of music?
  9. Who picks the music for the event?  You? The DJ?  Or a combined effort?
  10. How many years have they been in business?
  11. How many weddings have they done?
  12. Are they the DJ that will be performing at your reception?
  13. What type of equipment do they have?
  14. Do they bring back-up equipment to the job site?
  15. Do they carry back-up to replace every piece of equipment that might fail?
  16. What time do they arrive to set-up?
  17. Does the DJ provide you with a formal written contract?
  18. What does the DJ charge for a down payment?
  19. Do they charge by the hour or do they offer a complete package?
  20. How many playing hours are included in their package?
  21. What is the total price for the package?
  22. How is payment arranged?
  23. Is set-up and travel time included in their price?
  24. Is there an extra charge? ... If so, how much?
  25. Is there a charge for additional hours? 


Finally, listen to the person as they speak. Does he or she present themselves professionally and have a pleasing voice and personality? Remember, what you hear on the phone will either be twice as good or twice as bad when amplified by a microphone over a sound system. Also make sure that the person you are talking to is the one that will be doing your wedding reception. If the person you're speaking to plans on passing you off to one of their employees, ask to speak to the DJ they plan on pawning you off to, the actual Dj who will be doing your reception. Never, ever accept a Dj with whom you have never spoken with. 


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