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        • Do you want to create the most remarkable and memorable day of your dreams?
        • Do you know what you want but just aren’t sure how or where to find it?
        • Are you short on time to do the research needed in order to locate and hire the best wedding professionals possible?
        • Do you lack the experience and information needed to conceive and fashion the wedding reception of your dreams?
        • Do you want your wedding reception to be the talk of the town for years to come?


Horizon Entertainment Digital DJs offer
Peter Merry weddings, receptions, disc jockeys djs
Fair Pricing
Flat Rates that Work for Your Budget
More Years of Wedding Reception DJ Experience
A Commitment to Excellence & Professional Integrity
Better Equipment and Back Up Equipment on the job site
Excellent Communication Skills
More Music Variety
More Satisfied Customers
Peace of Mind!
Big sound for big crowds!

Large venues and groups require experienced sound engineers & professional sound reinforcement.

400 or more guests...

Multiple sound systems allow us to bring the sound that you need. From 60 to 6,000 guests, we've got it covered!

Horizon Entertainment comes prepared...

We've never had to use them, but we're always ready with complete back up systems, so the music never stops.

Outdoor Events? ... No worries!

We bring "State Of The Art" sound systems to every event. The sound quality is absolutely incredible!

Horizon Entertainment uses the lastest equipment that technology has to offer.

Our digital library boasts over 300,000 song titles.

Appearance is everything!

We tailor our systems to suit every type of special event and celebration.

Cocktail Hour...

We offer many options for the various segments of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

Don't miss out on a single word!

Our ceremony sound systems deliver full range sound in a small portable package.



Specializing In Providing Great DJ Entertainment For!!!
















A Wide Variety of All Dance Music from every Era!

Superior Commercial Quality JBL Sound Systems!

Over Seventeen Years of Professional DJ Experience!

A Dazzling Array of Mirror Balls, Strobes, Bubble Machines,

Par & Gobo Lights are available to Project an Explosion of

Multi-Colored Light Beams that Pulse to the Beat of the Music!

Digital DJ Daryl Beier - Artistic, Beautiful, Elegant, Tasteful and Fun!  Dream Weddings ... by Horizon Entertainment !


For eighteen years Daryl Beier has traveled across Central, South-central, Southwestern, and Southern Wisconsin Deejaying for Elegant, Tasteful and most of all, FUN Weddings. Ever since Daryl was sixteen years old, he has enjoyed participating in everything from being a wedding singer, emcee, master of ceremony, lead singer and musician (for a successful road show band) guitar player, back-up singer, band manager, Karaoke jockey, sound and lighting technician and of course, a wedding DJ.  Weddings, however, are Daryl's passion, his love, his life!   People who know Daryl get a real sense of his enthusiasm behind not just his weddings, but who he is...


Why settle for anything less than what you've imagined your Big Day should be?


Read Customer Reviews           It's Your Wedding, why not make the most of it?


Visit DJ Daryl at www.horizonentertainmentdj.com or call direct (608) 647-7187, mobile (608) 604-4899 or Toll Free (877) 647-6203.


By Jim Bendewald of James Studio, Madison WI


Madison Wisconsin's Best Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Phone: (608) 233-5556     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Digital DJ Daryl Beier has been a successful wedding and party DJ (disc jockey) for over 18 years!  He has been the disc jockey for nearly 1,000 successful weddings, parties and corporate events!  DJ Daryl looks forward to serving you and your DJ needs as your wedding DJ in Southern, South-central, Southwestern and Central Wisconsin!
"As the owner of Horizon Entertainment since 1992, I take great pride and joy in the work that I do, when I am performing at any event.  Choosing the right wedding DJ, however, isn't easy! The right wedding DJ can make your event.  The wrong DJ can break your event!  That's why I do everything I possibly can to make your big day, one that you will never forget!  I do everything possible to make my clients happy.  I realize this is their big day, so I try and do all of the things they want, including play all of the music they want!"


Digital DJ Daryl Beier


Horizon Entertainment


As opposed to many less experienced DJ companies that are out on the market, Horizon Entertainment Digital DJs do much more than just play music!  Horizon Entertainment DJs are also Emcees, Masters of Ceremony (MCs), Spokespersons, Sound Technicians, Audio Engineers, Lighting Technicians, Music Programmers, Wedding Planners, Wedding Coordinators and are basically in charge of the flow of your evening, to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The number of hours that Horizon Entertainment works behind the scenes for you is not just the time that we spend performing. We spend time on event planning, on emailing, telephone conversations and any meetings that you may want, music research and acquisition, transportation to your event, set-up and tear down times and maintaining equipment to make sure there are no surprises on your very important day. For every four hours of performance time, we have upwards of 20 hours invested in your event.


Not everyone, including all mobile disc jockeys are created equal or can successfully DJ a wedding reception. Most people do not have the music knowledge, technical skill, announcing skills, coordination and motivational skills, music programming skill or sensitivity to do a professional job. Many disc jockeys simply do not have the skills or experience necessary to read an audience and then respond by moving them emotionally.


#1 Fear in America

  • As you may recall, the number one fear in America today is public speaking!  The fear of Public Speaking has been rated as the #1 fear in America. In fact, 95% of the population has a fear of public speaking!  Sound familiar?  Some say it is more feared than death. If you have this fear you share it with millions and millions of people.


Ask yourself these questions:


Do you ever feel terrified of being asked a question in a group?

Have you ever felt dizzy or disoriented when you were performing?

Has your heart ever started pounding so loud that you hear it in your head?

Have you found yourself breaking out in a sweat at the mere thought of speaking in front of a group of people?

If you’re performing on stage, do you expect to be judged by others?

Have you ever “frozen” or “choked” when it’s your turn to deliver lines?

Does it feel as if you’ve “lost your voice”?

Have you ever had a panic attack “out of the blue”?


Called by many names - stage fright, speech anxiety, shyness, fear of speaking, performance anxiety, and speech phobia fear of public speaking can have a negative effect on careers and the ability to get things done. Symptoms include shortness of breath, the inability to speak, a shaky voice, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, sweating, nausea etc. And regardless of the situation, topic, people, or occasion, people simply hate speaking in front of groups of other people.


So, if Stage Fright is still the #1 fear in America, that means 95% of Americans are not willing or able to do what Horizon Entertainment DJ’s entertainers, routinely do! Getting up in front of large gatherings and talking on a microphone takes a lot of courage, more importantly, it takes tact, wisdom, training and experience. Horizon Entertainment’s DJ’s always know that when we speak, because we are coming from a place of service, we simply can't go wrong. Why? Because we remember, it's not about us. It's all about you and your guests. We are not the star, you are!



So what kind of music does Horizon Entertainment play?


Well, that all depends on what you would like to hear and what you want us to play!  With a massive music library of over 100,000 digitally mastered and digitally re-mastered songs, from virtually every genre, the sky is the limit!  We also provide you with a wedding planner or “Wedding Reception Guide Sheet” which is a worksheet that we use to help find what special events you would like to include (and not include) the best songs for each of your special events and the music mix that will best entertain your guests. If you wish, you may want to reference Mobile Beat Magazine's "Top200 Hits" compiled by actual wedding reception client requests from all over the United States.



What about Dinner Music, Additional Hours or Karaoke?

If you would like, we can set-up early and play soft background music during your dinner or add additional hours of music at the end of the evening, because everyone is having a great time. Horizon Entertainment DJs also offers CD + Graphics Karaoke at a discount. The rates for extra hours of music are also discounted, so be sure to ask for them to be included in your price quote!


Making the Investment!


At first, the investment for a wedding reception mobile disc jockey may seem high or like a lot of money, that is, until you realize the number of hours that Horizon Entertainment DJs works behind the scenes for you, is NOT just the time that we spend performing. Horizon Entertainment DJs spend a "lot" of hours on event planning, any meetings that you may want us to attend, emailing clients, telephone conversations with customers, music research and acquisition, scheduling, website management, sales marketing, bookwork, transportation to your event, set-up and tear down times, plus maintaining and upgrading audio and lighting equipment to make sure we stay current and that there are no surprises on your very important day. For every four hours of performance time, Horizon Entertainment has upwards of 16 to 20 hours of time invested in your event.


Perhaps when you take into consideration what past brides have said to publications such as Modern Bride and Martha Stewart Living, for example, nearly 80% of all brides say they wished they would have spent more money and/or more time on choosing their reception entertainment, the “right” wedding reception entertainment. In fact, almost 100% of all brides say they regretted not spending more on their wedding reception entertainment!


During their wedding reception planning, most brides say their highest priority is on their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – while reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Yet, within one week after their reception, nearly 80% of all brides say they regret not making the entertainment their highest priority. Finally, when asked, approximately 80% of all wedding reception guests say that the wedding entertainment is what they remember most about the reception they attended.


So if this sounds like everything you've been looking for, where do you go from here?  What happens next to start the process?


 Your next step is to contact me. You may call me toll free at (877) 647-6203, direct at (608) 647-7187, on my mobile (608) 604-4899 or you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set-up up your get acquainted, complimentary consultation.  I want to hear about your needs, see if we’re a good match and what package fits your personality, style and budget best.


Perhaps, you're wondering if you should contact some of our former clients to see what it's like to work with Horizon Entertainment?


 Yes!Absolutely!My clients, newlyweds and their families become raving fans of my wedding reception disc jockey entertainment and coordination services and would love to speak to other potential clients and brides about their experience with Horizon Entertainment.  You can also look at our client testimonial page right now.


What if you have a couple more questions before getting started with us?  Can you call to discuss things further?


Yes! Most certainly!  In fact we highly encourage all of our clients to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can get all of your questions out of the way, answered and make sure that we’re a great fit for one another.  Again, please feel free to call me with any questions you may have (877) 647-6203, (608) 647-7187, (608) 604-4899 or you can email to discuss your needs and desires This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


An alternative step might also be to fill out Horizon Entertainment’s contact form to see if we have an opening for your special date, to ask questions and review in more detail the special services that we have to offer and then get a rate/price quote for the services that you want. If you decide to hire Horizon Entertainment DJs for your wedding reception, we would then send you an actual hard copy of an agreement that locks in your date.  There is typically a down payment required (which is negotiable) to secure the date, with the balance due on the day of your wedding or just before the day of your special event!  We look forward to serving you!






"Click on the Top Hits U.S.A. above and PartyBlast.com link below to visit and

check out Horizon Entertainment's Massive Music Library!"


Weddings Receptions, DJs Disc Jockeys Music Library


Madison WI Wedding DJ Music, Reception Coordination, Entertainment & Bride Planning Guide



Your Wedding Day is a very special day and time of utmost importance, not only for you, but for all of your loved ones and guests to enjoy. HorizonEntertainmentDJ.com can help you plan each special moment of your special day!  Horizon Entertainment is your online resource, helping engaged couples find matching wedding vendors.  Important links to wedding services such as wedding planners, wedding photographers, wedding videographers, wedding caterers, wedding decorators, and wedding musicians can be found on this site. Organizing a wedding can be a cumbersome task which often requires professional advice and expertise. Wedding preparations are best handled by professional wedding coordinators. At HorizonEntertainmentDJ.com, engaged couples can find their perfect match for various wedding vendors. HorizonEntertainmentDJ.com serves as an online community for soon-to-be married couples, as well as for wedding vendors. If you need the best online resources for your wedding, HorizonEntertainmentDJ.com may be the place for you to spend some time and get acquainted. Our web link resources direct engaged couples to various wedding resources and wedding vendor services located throughout the state of Wisconsin and the United States.


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